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DP hopes to cancel World Refugee Day

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Jun 20,2019
On June 20th each year, this is World Refugee Day.
The issue of refugees has always been a major issue for the international community. The purpose of this festival is to promote refugee rights and encourage countries to host refugees.
Refugees are stateless, no country recognizes them, and does not belong to any country.

As a result, they lack proof of identity and they do not have access to important government services, including health care, education or employment.

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Refugees are homeless, do not have enough to eat, do not sleep well, adults can not stand the hardships, not to mention babies and young children. According to the data, refugees suffer from different degrees of disease, infants and young children are malnourished, and nerve development is slow; adults generally have skin diseases, and even more frightening is that some refugees have AIDS, but they do not know that they are ill. . As a result, the outbreak of the virus has led to a larger and terrible incident that jeopardizes society, so the UN Security Council has to step in and introduce more policies to help them.

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As a medical product company that solves sub-health for the people, our company's service philosophy is to regain a strong body for customers who use our products. We are fortunate to be sick and able to treat in time, but African refugees are not as lucky as we are, so we can use such a good physiotherapy bed and massage bed.

Finally, I hope that the world will be peaceful, the war will be less and less, the people of the world will not have to be displaced, and children can grow up healthily and happily. I hope that the war will be far from the refugees and the disease will be far from the refugees.

Dongpin hopes to cancel World Refugee Day as soon as possible, because without this anniversary, it proves that the world has achieved real peace. There is no war in the world. The people get real peace.

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